About Surojit Saha

Surojit is a change-driver, catalyzing the Principles and Laws of Success. He is a Disciplined, Pragmatic, Passionate, People and Result-Oriented Enthusiast who leads, steers and motivates. His passion and prime focus is to genuinely see people do good in Life, Stimulating Personal Effectiveness. The methodology used in his workshops is to enhance Untapped Potentials in Re-tooling & Honing their capabilities. Activities based on Simulated Learning, Tangible Workshops, Action Learning with Case-Studies, Experiential Learning, Post-Training Mentorships are the organic approaches to Create, Leverage Human Resource as a Strategic Asset within various Cultural Paradigms across Continents.

Surojit's Transfer of Enthusiasm (ToE) & Expertise in Diagnostics executing Corporate Restructuring, Organogram and Incidence Management across People, Process, Technology, Institutions and complex Business Verticals. Ongoing reviews from vivid quarters facilitate transforming Moments of Misery into Moments of Magic, leaving the participants charged on Higher Self-Esteem. Surojit's personal engagement and stern focus as a Friend, Coach and Motivational Evangelist gives him a strong understanding of People and People Management Skills (PMS). Value of Empathy and creating the required impetus propelling Talents to excel beyond mediocrity by transforming Human Remains to Human Relationships.

Surojit's good sense and rapidly evolving experience in Acquiring, Managing, Developing and Evaluating talent. His history of successful interaction with diverse groups, comfortable and effective with both Amateurs and Professionals at all levels, adept peacefully resolving conflicts.

He has an illustrative decade of International Corporate and Business Environment Experience and deep, mature understanding of emerging markets, specially Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He has worked with FTSE and NYSE listed companies as well as Start-Ups, rubbed his shoulders with Industry Stalwarts, as a driver of change, Champion of Management, Leading Strategy and Executing them.

Surojit is a First-Class HONS Science Graduate with Distinction, spear-headed with a University rank in Management MBA from the prestigious IIM (Cal), India. He has played Soccer in the National Soccer Meet under the flagship of Ministry of HRD, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of India. With immense pride he holds Certificate of Merit from Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.

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